Fourth Sunday in Lent

March 14 2021

Series: 2021

Topic: Lent

Fourth Sunday in Lent

This week’s lessons

Hebrew Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9
The Response: Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22 Confitemini Domino
The Epistle: Ephesians 2:1-10
The Gospel: John 3:14-21

A message from Rev. Dave

The vaccine is everywhere you look these days – it’s all over the news and much on our minds. Let’s pray for all waiting to receive the blessing of the vaccine. Everyone I have spoken to who has received it tells me of the feeling of relief when it is received. Let’s also pray for those discerning getting the shot – those who are uncertain and unsure. If you have scheduled an appointment to receive it and need help with transportation, reach out to someone in the church. We will help as we are able.

Think on it this week – How will you carry out your Christian call? Will it be epic, or will it be quiet and simple? Or will it be Both/And? They are both needed in the eyes of God – the choice is yours.

And remember Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those we travel with. So be swift to love – make haste to be kind – and now go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Yours in Christ,

DPrentice @ TrinityofWoburn .com

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