Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 6 2020

Series: 2020

Topic: Pentecost

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

This week’s lessons

First Lesson: Ezekiel 33:7-11
Second Lesson: Romans 13:8-14
The Gospel: Matthew 18:15-20

A message from Rev. David

I ask your prayers this morning for our country. The upcoming election, in the midst of a rather
phenomenal amount of social stress, has peoples fuses shorter than usual. Pray for peace for all parties.
Pray for clarity of vision. Pray for the health and welfare of all, whether you agree politically or not. As
the return to school continues in various forms, pray for the safety and health of all as some difficult
choices are considered and discussed.

As uncertainty regarding the virus continues to grow, and my on-going desire to keep all of us safe and
healthy, I am uncertain when we will be looking at services together again. Remember, pray for
patience! I am working on setting up a schedule for folks to stop by and visit at church if they would like
a brief time to pray together and receive a blessing as this continues.

In the meantime – be sure to reach out to each other. Call the person you have been meaning to call,
and do it today – you can’t imagine what a difference it can make. (And, by all means, if you can, print
this out and share it with someone from church who may not have computer access – or anyone who
you think would find value in it!)

Yours in Christ,

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