Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

October 4 2020

Series: 2020

Topic: Pentecost

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

This week’s lessons

First Lesson: Isaiah 5:1-7
Second Lesson:
Philippians 3:4b-14
The Gospel:
Matthew 21:33-46

A message from Rev. Dave

I ask for your prayers for the President, Donald Trump – I also ask for prayers for Melania and their whole family. Pray for all those who have been touched by this virus. I ask for these prayers no matter your political views and or feelings for any individual. As Christians, we pray for those in need. This is what we are called to do, and this illness is not something I would wish on anyone.

I am delighted to share that we are going to regather at one of our Trinity cornerstones soon! There will be a more formal announcement this week, but mark your calendars for Sunday, October 25th! I look forward to regathering at our cornerstone together!

Yours in Christ.

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