Our COVID-19 Response

Update as of November 22, 2020

To quote the most recent communication from the Bishop’s office:

“One of our consulting medical professionals has observed poignantly, ‘The infectious disease epidemiologist in me wants everyone to just stay home. The harm reductionist in me wants to meet people where they are and make them as safe as they can be. The Christian in me sees suffering from these practices and wants to comfort them. I don’t know how to be all three at the same time.’ As your bishops, we share that tension, desiring to care for the health of all our people and our neighbors, even while providing the spiritual and pastoral care which nurtures and sustains us. We know that our clergy, lay leaders, and all faithful Episcopalians share these same concerns.”

We at Trinity share that concern and want to do everything possible to keep the congregation of Trinity safe and healthy.
This concern was increased by the approaching holidays, and the potential issue of spread due to large family gatherings during the holidays. With that concern in mind, we will not be offering Sunday services until further notice. There will be no Christmas Eve service as well.

Services and sermons will continue in written form online through email. We will try to make some other resources available as well.

If you have a computer and would like to be notified of our services and other updates via email, please sign up for our email list here.

From the wilderness the whole congregation of the Israelites journeyed by stages, as the Lord commanded.    – Exodus 17:1

Update as of October 25, 2020

Trinity is now adhering to the multi-phase plan put in place by the Diocese of Massachusetts and the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. This plan lays out a multi-phase process to return to full worship, with the strictest attention being paid to safety, cleanliness, and general comfort in the church.  The plan has been assembled by the Bishop’s office, working in consultation with the Governor’s office and a group of Epidemiologists.

During our in-person services, every clergy and parish member will:

  • Wear masks at all times
  • Practice social distancing, remain at least six feet apart from others (certain pews will be roped off to help this)
  • Use hand sanitizer at the door upon entering the church

We will not be having:

  • Communion, the peace offering, or songs during services
  • Coffee hour
  • In-person Sunday school classes

This plan is not to be considered to operate by the calendar, and is subject to change without notice, as the situation with the virus may dictate, and will operate under the authority of the Priest in Charge and your Wardens. 

To quote the manual of these phases:

“We will not return to normal.  Everyone is encouraged to think of these stages as seasons of a journey that could conceivably take months or years. With both painful setbacks and hopeful strides in conquering this pandemic. We will not return to normal as disasters and pandemics produce a new normal – expect to be changed and equipped for a new way of gathering, serving, and growing.

The course of the pandemic will not remain static, so discerning when it is appropriate for a community to move from one stage to another is paramount. Almost certainly, these stages will not unfold in a linear fashion. Depending on resurgence or mutation of the virus, or the rise of a new threat to public health, a return to an earlier sage may be necessary.”